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The Place of the Other is an ensemble of 4 pieces on the interdependence between the animal, plant, mineral, and human world. Each piece takes the form of one of the four seasons; they are composed over the long-term, occupying privileged relational space between these opposing poles.

The nourishment, visible and invisible, is well chosen to circulate among the protagonists. The movements come from meticulous study of everyday gesture. Gestures of domestic and rural life - humble, silent, and extrodinary - each is transformed by a choreographic process that is not far from ritual.

These four ceremonies always in the process of being written convoke each person’s imagination of still life. They witness, through the particular attention that they give to the small, the infinitesimal and to the silent, to the infinite delicateness of the living.


The Place of the Ot
her is composed of:

Laplacede l'autre_FINAL.jpg
The salt of life (work in progress)
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