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CREATION 2020/2024
premiere, july 2020, Château des Avettes - Réméréville


Conception, choregraphy, dance : Camille Mutel

Photography : Katherine Longly


The idea for The Guests was born from the desire to have people who do not know each other cross paths, to recreate daily interactions among people. It is a way to fight against the exclusion and solitude particularly present in isolated territories.

Camille Mutel has imagined a simple and singular way to go forward and meet others: offer them a performance and a meal. For five days, accompanied by the photographer Katherine Longly, she invites five people to come see a performance of Not I, a minimalist and intimate solo, a plastic composition that puts the gesture of offering at its center. Each guest gives a part of themselves, an object that will become a part of a collective still life, and something edible. After each performance, a talking circle allows each participant to share a memory surrounding what they brought.

Here there is a collection of photos, testimonies, and souvenirs of shared hospitality during these privileged times, traces of forgotten and resurrected moments.

The exchange of words, recipes, and dishes become the way in which we take care of one another, understand each other, and make ourselves aware of our interdependence.



Production : Compagnie Li(luo)

Avec le soutien de : DRAC Grand Est - Aide à la résidence Saison estivale) et Scènes et Territoires
Remerciements :
La mairie de Réméréville et ses habitants, Géraldine Schmitt, Thomas Schaupp, Jean de Pange et Aurélie Martin.


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