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Performance : Camille Mutel

Video and editing :  Osamu Kanemura

Voice : Camille Mutel

Technical support : Akihiro Suzuki

Assisted production : Osiris Co., Ltd.

Thanks to : Ikuhisa Sawada, Hiroko Komatsu, Yoko Sawada




During her stay in Japan in Fall 2014 as part of the Hors les murs residence, choreographer Camille Mutel began a collaboration with photographer Osamu Kanemura. Li (luo) Company started on the production of a video project from moments filmed in the streets of Shinjuku (Tokyo) and in the studio of photographer Ikuhisa Sawada. The city in echo to the body is a set of folds, lines, ruptures. The look is frenetic, the breath hatched. Neither the city nor the body have any meaning. They live pulsatingly unstable.


Produced by Compagnie Li(luo)

With the support of Programme Hors les murs – Institut français and Conseil Régional de Lorraine

© photo: 2015 Ikuhisa Sawada





29 minutes

Images filmées les 9 et 16 décembre 2014 à Tokyo

© 2015 Osamu Kanemura

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