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60 minutes duo


Choreography : Camille Mutel
Dance : Camille Mutel, Alessandra Cristiani
Scenography and light : Matthieu Ferry
Music : Ivan Gruselle



Soror (sister in Latin) is a project that is centred on the relationship between sisters.

The link between the two women unfolds with the support of the architecture of the scenography. The latter is composed of a structure that provides a framework for the space. It therefore places limits both on the space of the performance and on that of the relationship. These limits, both concrete and abstract, are enhanced by a subtle play of light and shadow.

The space is not closed, however. Both small and infinite, it simultaneously allows the existence of an inside and an outside of the structure. However, there is no door to enter or exit. The sisters will clash and comply with the constraints of the structure to discover these passages and the different directions they can take.

It is through this concrete relationship with the scenography that their relationship will take shape in order to exist.


Production : Compagnie Li(luo)

Coproduction : Centre Culturel André Malraux – Scène nationale de Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy

Support : DRAC Lorraine | Conseil Régional de Lorraine | Ville de Nancy

Residencies : Théâtre de la Balsamine | Mains d’œuvres | le Trois C-L Luxembourg



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