Pourtant chacun tue ce qu'il aime

During her residencies for Pourtant chacun tue ce qu'il aime (Yet everyone kills what they love), Camille Mutel met with the inhabitants and discovered the rituals that often belong to the rural patrimony. Until the Premiere date of the creation, we will offer you, once a month, a moment from the different interviews she was able to conduct, sketched by Antoine Caquard.

Sketch #2

May 2022 ⎻ Châtel sur Moselle ⎻ Scènes Vosges à Epinal 

Visuel LiLUO_Mouche.jpg

Châtel sur Moselle en compagnie d'Éric, pêcheur à la mouche. Il attend en silence, observe la surface de l'eau. Il connait chaque envol. 

Demandez au vent

quel éphémère volera

le premier

Sketch #1

Spring 2022 ⎻ La Forge ⎻ Les Ateliers du Milieu

Visuel LiLUO_Primervert2-1.jpg

A springtime at the Ateliers du milieu with Elsa, a picker. Cuckoos yellows the meadows. Sotseki's writings, the flavor of past tea ceremonies and the unique and ephemeral character of each gesture are brought back to us. The creation is written in the course of the time spent with each of the inhabitants of here or there, past, present and future.