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Pourtant chacun tue ce qu'il aime

For her first creation residences, Camille Mutel shares with us the beginning of her reflection in the form of images and text associations linked to the reflection around the new creation of the company.

Chapter 5

Spring 2022 ⎻ La Forge ⎻ Les Ateliers du Milieu

V. Take a breath, perpetuate it

Capture d’eěcran 2022-04-01 aĚ 13.44.12.png

Yohin. Each movement, each sound must extend into the invisible, into the inaudible. Otherwise, it is not connected.

Ancre 1

Chapter 4

Winter 2022 ⎻ Saint Dié des Vosges

IV. Continuity of life

© DR

Poissons © DR

Death is not the opposite of life. It is the opposite of birth.

Ancre 1

Chapter 3

Winter 2022 ⎻ Le Carreau, scène nationale de Forbach

III. Writing of rite

© Paradjanov - Sayat Nova

Harvesting life.

Ancre 1

Chapter 2

Fall 2021 ⎻ Vosges

II. The forest

© Sylvain Gouraud

To live as an animal. What common presence between man and animal when the latter identifies with the former? 

© Sylvain Gouraud

Ancre 1

Chapter 1

Fall 2021 ⎻ Normandie

I. The sacrifice

Agnus Dei © Francisco de Zurbarán

Can the dead be the support and sustainer of certain life practices?

©  Zurbaran - Agnus dei

Ancre 1
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