Nu (ə) muet creation 2012

20 minutes solo

Conception, dance, choreography : Camille Mutel
Music : Juan Jose Eslava
Lignt design : Matthieu Ferry


Nu (ǝ) muet is a performance in which light, musical composition and choreography evolve in three voices of independent writing. However, they are written in relation to each other and will meet at specific instants to form images. These images seem to touch the surface of the performance while remaining elusive to the whole. They appear as dots or fragments of something we cannot immediately grasp.

The light is sculpted with just two lasers and three strobes, an economy of means for a vibratory staccato rhythm in which obscurity continues to intrude into light. The musical composition questions the perception of silence as the source of sound and seems to break up the auditory space; while the choreography, which cannot extract the body from the continuity of its presence, unfolds its subtly irregular discourse.

Despite being so close, the Nu (ǝ) muet spectator cannot follow the dance in a linear fashion. The viewer's perception is constantly being disrupted. Something is always elusive.

The vanity of the appearance of an image (its vain side) is followed by various disappearances. As in Effraction de l’oubli, the body arises out of context; there is not, strictly speaking, any real scenography or consideration of space. The nudity depicted resembles an Academic nude. However, the addition of the silent ‘e’ in the title confers a nuance. Nu (ǝ) muet is a choreographic study depicting the desire to introduce the shadow of a doubt into the omnipotence of the image and representation.


Production : Compagnie Li(luo) | Trois CL Luxembourg Co-production : Centre Culturel André Malraux de Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy

Support : Ville de Nancy | Interreg IV-A | programme cofinancé par l’Union européenne

Residencies : Studio 303 | Mains d’Oeuvres | Actée Théâtre





© 2013 by compagnie Li (luo)


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