Concept, choregraphy: Camille Mutel
Kerem Gebelek

Dramaturgy: Thomas Schaupp
Light design: Philippe Gladieux

Costumes: Kaspersophie
 Kasper Hansen

Sound design: Jean-Philippe Gross
Stage management: Gildas Goujet

Videast: Pierre Linguanotto


Camille Mutel’s next creation is part of a cycle entitled The Place of the Other (La Place de l’autre). Starting with Not I, an intimate and minimalist solo that slowly takes the form of a plastic composition, this quadrilogy explores gesture as that which ties us to the other. In this new piece, Camille Mutel  reflects on loss, on how the experience of separation can bring about beauty and a lightened burden.    

Mutel is inspired by autumn as a transitory season, a place where something is undone to be reborn in a better way. She also surrounds herself with the same artistic team as Not I to carry out interviews in the villages.

Mutel goes to meet the inhabitants and films gestures that belong to the rural patrimony, the rituals linked to the death of an animal: the neighbor that kills a rabbit, the taxidermist that stuffs a fox... She creates distance and transmutes them into choreographic gesture. 

CREATION 2021/2023



Production: Compagnie Li(luo)

With the support of: Pôle Spectacle Vivant/CA Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Scènes Vosges, Épinal

Co-productions (ongoing): CCAM — SN de Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy Le Carreau — SN de Forbach