Conception, dance, choreography : Camille Mutel

Music : Jean-Philippe Gross

Image : SMITH, "Désidération (prologue)", 2019.  Courtesy Galerie les Filles du Calvaire, Paris.

Costume design : Kasper Hansen


Conception, dance, choreography : Camille Mutel
Music : Gille Gobeil (commande d’état)
Light design : Matthieu Ferry

Costume design : Olivier Weber




In 2010, Camille Mutel created Effraction de l’oubli (Bursting into Oblivion), a solo in which her naked body is exposed to our gaze with modesty, without provocation. A piece of fixed flesh or a butterfly that emerges from its chrysalis, it is in constant state metamorphosis under the changing light. It is twisted in every sense, knotted, turned in on itself. It is disarticulated doll that recalls those of Hans Bellmer.

Ten years later, Camille Mutel has recreated the performance. She has taken up the choreography again, replacing the breathing and gasping by words. There is still a sealed masked face, but she is clothed. The body is no longer an object; it is humanized – closer to us. Hindered in its movements, it struggles, unfurls, starts with life, and then slumps back weary to the ground. It is a bird that has just found flight, and then folds under the weight of tragedy.

The narration recounts the history of Eurydice through poetic images and scenery: the wedding day feast with Orpheus, the assault of Aristaeus, her attempt at escape, the serpent’s bite, and her death. “The rape, she does not remember it. Nothing. She is rushed into hell. She roams, exiled.” Victim and twice condemned, she is “dedicated to an eternity at the foot of the blue mountain. Frozen in fear,” she will not be delivered by her husband who comes and gazes at her, incapable of resisting the temptation to see her. The violent subject matter is counterbalanced by the gentleness of the movements and of the time – long, as if suspended.



40 minutes solo



Selected Aerowaves 2011

Production : Compagnie Li(luo)

Coproduction : L’Actée Théâtre | Centre Culturel André Malraux – Scène nationale de Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Support : DRAC Lorraine | Conseil Régional de Lorraine | Ville de Nancy

Residencies : TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois| Fabrique de l’Ephéméride | Duncan 3.0 | thank's to ZKM (Karlsruhe)