Conception, dance, choreography : Camille Mutel
Music : Gilles Gobeil (commande d’état)
Light design : Matthieu Ferry
Mask design : Olivier Weber




Effraction de l’oubli was born from the encounter between the choreographer, Camille Mutel, and the lighting designer, Matthieu Ferry. Together they have created a piece around the mythology of the eye, which reveals the ambivalence of an erotic and thanatic body.


The body is divided between these two poetic registers. Points of intense light emerge from the shadows: belly, feet, breasts are resplendent in a shadow-like setting. The play of light both conceals and exhibits fragments of the body by playing on its limits and moving its contours.

The body plays with chastity and seduction, creases and folds. Between dark and dazzling, the upside down body transforms itself to a slow and steady rhythm, releasing uncertain landscapes.


This porous boundary between light and shadow, between what is shown and hidden, calls upon the eye. The nude body, at the centre of attention and the stage, is detached from any context and belongs to no space. It seems to be nowhere.

It has become the object of the eye and deliberately takes its place where the gaze cannot possibly fail to fall on it. It offers itself to the eye in the illusory desire that each detail be seen and inscribed in the mind before the memory plays its tricks and inevitably transforms it.


This eye-trap is nevertheless more complex than it seems. The dynamics of this exhibition are accompanied by the rejection of the gaze it seeks to court. At the heart of this upward spiral, hypnotic and haunting with desire, a fear is lurking in the dark. What is there really to show? A woman's sex, a hole, a gap. A bewitching emptiness lurks in the depth of the unveiling.



40 minutes solo


Selected Aerowaves 2011

Production : Compagnie Li(luo)

Coproduction : L’Actée Théâtre | Centre Culturel André Malraux – Scène nationale de Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Support : DRAC Lorraine | Conseil Régional de Lorraine | Ville de Nancy

Residencies : TROIS C-L Luxembourg | Fabrique de l’Ephéméride | Duncan 3.0 | thank's to ZKM (Karlsruhe)

© 2020 by compagnie Li (luo)


La compagnie bénéficie de l'aide au conventionnement 2018-2020 de la Région Grand Est et de l'aide à la structuration 2020-2021 de la DRAC Grand Est.

Aerowaves Twenty (2010), Villa Hors les murs (2014), Villa Kujoyama (2019), Writing aid for Fondation Beaumarchais – SACD (2019)